“Hi. Let's create beautiful things together."

Here is some of my recent work, click the image to learn more about the project:

Spalding.com Modern-Gypsies.com Soccer Revolution
Bines Communications Dallas Internal
Medicine Group
Fruit.com Redesign Fruit of the Loom Environmental site design Writer Fighter website H2Ksports.com
Print, Web, Motion
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Welcome, thank you for visiting my website

Here you will find samples of my work as a multimedia designer spanning print, web and motion mediums.

Currently, I work as a web designer/front end developer for the American Chemical Society. located in Washington D.C where I design, develop and maintain public facing and internal sites, portals, applications and other various online assets for the worlds largest scientific community. Examples of my new team's work include, but are not limited to: www.acs.org, http://acswebcontent.acs.org/memberhandbook, http://pubs.acs.org/, http://strategy.acs.org/

Recently, as web designer for Fruit of the Loom I completed an overhaul of the Spalding ®: website which should launch very soon. It will be an evolution from a completely flash based site to more standards friendly html and javascript.

Through my previous experiences at The American Trucking Association, Clear Channel Entertainment and Tribune Entertainment, I have had the opportunity to work in deadline driven production environments and am very familiar with a wide variety of workflows for both print and screen media.

With 10 years of experience as a professional graphic designer, and 6 years building websites, I can say that my key strengths are:

I have created this micro site to showcase some of my latest work. I look forward to an opportunity to meet with you and further discuss how I can contribute my skills and energy to your project. Please contact me at (202) 256-5483 to chat. I look forward to connecting.


Shawn Torres